Jerk Turkey Pot Pie

Jerk Turkey Pot Pie

As I scrolled Instagram one evening, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized over a food image. I had to read the entire post. It was a jerk turkey pot pie. The combination of turkey and cornbread reminded me of a Thanksgiving dish. I was intrigued and had to get my hands on it. Was it served at a restaurant? Was it a local establishment? I had so many questions and needed some answers.

I checked out her amazing channel on Youtube called MsKingsKItchen and I kind of wish I had tuned in earlier. From her pepperpot soup, her oxtail shepherd’s pie and to her amazing jerk turkey pot pie, I was so excited to hear back from her and to learn more about her food.

When I emailed Nicole King, I didn’t even think she would answer some random person gushing over her jerk turkey pot pie. She was kind enough to answer and we chatted over email and she delivered. My jerk turkey pot pie arrived on a sunny Friday afternoon and I was so thrilled. It was the perfect ending to a busy work week. The pastry mixed with the cornbread worked so well with the jerk turkey filling. It was bursting with flavour and heat and just simply delicious and I couldn't stop raving about it. I even had some leftovers the next day and I gotta say, it tasted even better. The only regret I had was that I didn’t have any white wine to pair it with.

As I dug more about her content on Youtube, I realized that Nicole was passionate about her food and her Jamaican heritage. It was clear by the fresh ingredients she used and also by her charming demeanor as she indulged on Jamaican rum. Her recipes and her techniques impressed me and her love of cooking is what garnered her to cook for some of Canada’s top renowned chefs on the Food Network’s new show “Wall of Chefs”.

I look forward to seeing and sharing more of her work on her Youtube channel. I also look forward to recommending her catering services and savoring more of her indulgent dishes.

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