MsKingsKitchen “Where So Much Happens In The Kitchen” is the love child of founder and
CEO Nicole King. Nicole a Canadian by birth but a Jamaican at heart, grew up quite like
many Caribbean children; experiencing the timeless and priceless moments of cooking
with her grandmother and parents from as early as she remembers. From childhood
Nicole dreamt about having her own Cooking Show. She would come home from school,
hoping no one was home, set everything up in the kitchen, then walk on set and
welcome her guests with her then tagline “Welcome to Ms. King’s Cooking Show, Lets
Cook!” These memories caused her to birth MsKingsKitchen, a dream made reality which
was officially launched in February 2019 as she sought to share her joys of cooking with
the world.

  • Meal Planning

  • Catering

  • Sunday Dinner